Arclight Fab owner Aaron Kaufman’s Favorite Cars and Rides

As car fanatics, we can’t help but build up a list of our ideal machines that, ...

As car fanatics, we can’t help but build up a list of our ideal machines that, if we had the means to buy, we would have sitting right there in the garage. Fortunately, for some, that dream becomes a reality and they’re able to have their pick of the litter when it comes to the best and brightest cars in the world. So when faced with that task, how do you even begin to delegate your funds across the rides that are going to benefit your fun factor the most? You could see how something like this could get into a little bit of a challenging dilemma.

When you’re working around awesome machines all day, how could you ever go about picking out just a couple that are your favorite? Well, for former Gas Monkey Garage star and the owner of Arclight Fab, Aaron Kaufman, that would prove to be a tough venture indeed. This time, though, we check out a little video that might do justice in describing what might be a few of Kaufman’s favorites based on what he’s generally seen wheeling around in.

What does the man who seems to have access to all of the cars in the world wheel in for himself? Check out the video below and find out just that! I think that some of these rides might come as a surprise to some people who think of the generic “rich guy” garage. That’s probably because the bearded wonder isn’t just any old rich guy! After checking out his collection of slick rides, tell us which of this group you find to be your favorite? Are there any other cars that you could see AK wheeling around in that he doesn’t already have in his collection? We could think of quite a few of them!

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