Attempting to Escape the Police on a Moped is as “Grand Theft Auto” as it Sounds

Thanks to the invention of the helmet cam, we’re able to ride along with so ...

Thanks to the invention of the helmet cam, we’re able to ride along with so many more situations than ever before as we watch from a first person point of view as motorcycle riders defy death or witness some randomly insane situations out on the roadways that they then post to the web. This time, though, we check out an entirely different helmet cam video. This helmet cam footage is almost insane enough to be a scene straight out of a Grand Theft Auto video game. When the police wanted this Vespa riding bandit to pull over, he wasn’t having any of it and he was really going to make them work for that arrest.

The cops tried it all to get this scooter rider to halt, but he just wouldn’t back down! Even after being knocked off of his ride and falling to the ground, the police couldn’t make the stop a success as the rider picked right back up again and kept on riding as he would continue on to make his way through any space that was wide enough to fit his ride, taking on the maze of roads, alleys, and other obstacles to try and find the perfect route to get away from the tail. He would not be deterred!

Check out the video as the mystery rider ducks down some back roads and eventually ditches the police somewhere along the way with a successful evasion attempt. While we’re impressed with his quick but maybe dull thinking and driving abilities, although maybe not the noblest, maybe showing his face and place of residence on camera at the end of the video wasn’t the best of decisions.

Then again, we’re talking about good decisions in relation to someone who just ran away from the police… on a moped.

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