Lamborghini Aventador Crashes HARD – Moment of Impact

Lamborghini Aventador Crashes HARD – Moment of ImpactThe Last CTS-V3 ...

Lamborghini Aventador Crashes HARD – Moment of Impact

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We’re going to go ahead and warn you that this one is just a little difficult to watch, regardless of whose fault it is.

When this Lamborghini Aventador comes speeding down a city street, another car pulls out in front of it, causing one heck of a stomach churning collision.

We’re not sure who would be more upset in this situation, the Lambo driver or the driver of the car who pulled out and might have to delegate every cent they make for the rest of their life to fixing the Aventador, should the accident be deemed his fault.

Check out the video below as Shmee150 somehow, some way was in the exact right place at the right time as the crash went down. He also caught every mortifying second as the carcass was dragged onto the tow truck.

Who do you think was at fault in this unfortunate incident?




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