Avoid Littering at all Costs, Guy Catches Trash While Drifting Like a Boss!

While behind the wheel, it’s important that all of your attention stays on the ...

While behind the wheel, it’s important that all of your attention stays on the span in front of you, no matter if you’re just driving casually on your daily commute or if you’re doing something a little bit more seriously in racing. If you should find yourself doing something like drifting around a track, though, you really dial that focus up, making it almost unbreakable as it’s trained on the task at hand. However, it turns out that this drifter, while he was pretty dialed in to exactly what was going on, managed to pull off something incredibly impressive as it seemingly caught him out of left field but he reacted in no time flat anyway.

It would seem like, while dialed in, right in the middle of the action, if a piece of trash was blowing around in the car and was headed out the window, that the driver would just let it go. Instead, as that all unfolded, he reached his hand out at the very moment that the trash was about to blow out the window, catching it and completely surprising himself. Sure, it might seem like a mundane idea that would otherwise be pretty meaningless, however, when you see it all come together in the way that it did so seamlessly, you might just find yourself impressed by exactly how all this went down.

Follow along in the video down below that will take you along for the wild drifting ride that had this driver’s senses on high alert, ready for whatever was coming next. The best part of this whole thing is that there is no way that anyone could recreate something like this. The sheer randomness of it all really caught our attention and we figured that we would pass it on to you, so after checking out this video for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the entire situation that kind of could catch you offguard and make you laugh a little bit.

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