BADASS Hovercraft – The AH-16 Bullfrog

BADASS Hovercraft – The AH-16 Bullfrogpre-entries are now live for sweepstakes ...

BADASS Hovercraft – The AH-16 Bullfrog

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For those looking for the thrill of a lifetime, this might be just the toy you’re looking for. All that you need to do it hop in, push it in the water and go!

Known as the AH-16 Bullfrog, this killer machine flies across the water like a smooth criminal and even takes on a bit of land along the way.

While we aren’t given any specific spec on the rig, we’re still thrilled at the idea of a personal hovercraft that allows the operator to go wherever they wish!

Check out the insane ride in the video below and tell us what you think of this remarkable beast. How much would you be willing to pay to get your hands on such machinery?

Check out more hovercraft action below. When will this become mainstream?

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 10.55.52 AM

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