Baja Misadventures Part Deux, Episode 2

When it comes to the adventures of the guys over at Hoonigan, you really never know ...

When it comes to the adventures of the guys over at Hoonigan, you really never know what to expect. Perhaps you’ve familiarized yourself with their antics that revolve around burnouts and some sort of tire shredding but as we know, you can’t really paint these guys into a corner because no matter what kind of automotive fun is on tap, they seem to really be able to become a part of the action. Just when you thought they might be up to one thing, the next time that you catch up with the crew, they’ll switch gears to something completely different and off-the-wall. This is pretty much a big part of what makes them so fun to watch because you never really know what to expect out there.

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In one of their latest series of adventures, you can expect the crew to be blasting through the desert in a Baja machine that they’ve been wrenching on themselves. Whether they’re turning those wrenches or behind the wheel of this thing and absolutely beating the snot out of it, you know that’s it’s going to be a great time because absolutely no holds are barred in this pursuit of off-road speed. A lot of that actually ends up bleeding through to the videos as well as they take us along for the journey to see exactly how all of this foolery pans out.

If you follow with the video below, you’ll be able to see even more hijinks in the desert as the second episode of the Baja Misadventures pans out in front of us and we get to go along for the trials and tribulations of the crew as they do everything they can to deliver as much adrenaline as possible to the screen and we have to admit that we’re loving every second of it. It seems like, somehow, even in their misfortune that might arise, these guys still manage to have an absolute blast of a time.

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