Bass Boat Driver Gets Ejected Without Killswitch!

During the course of a day on the water, there is a lot to think about. It’s ...

During the course of a day on the water, there is a lot to think about. It’s not necessarily like a car where you just hop in and start driving. Instead, certain systems have to be in order and precautions need to be taken in order to make sure that a dangerous situation doesn’t end up unfolding.

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The difference between life and death on the water can really be a small mistake that quickly snowballs. This time, we catch up with a situation that really went from a normal day to a near worst-case scenario. It was all in a matter of seconds.

The video uploader tells us that “My dad and I were fishing in Toledo Bend in 2018 when this occurred. I bypassed donning my usual safety precautions because I was distracted and it almost cost us our lives. Despite having been on the water my whole life, I didn’t truly know how unforgiving the water could be and how quickly things can go wrong.”

Luckily, it looks like a good Samaritan came in and hopped to it to rescue. When our uploader and his dad were out on the water for the day, it ended up taking a turn in the wrong direction. Before they knew it, they ended up both being thrown off of the boat. However, without a device known as a “killswitch” that powers down the boat when the driver isn’t behind the wheel, the machine kept on plowing through the water. Before we know it, it’s almost like a sequence out of an action movie.

Eventually, the people who picked up this boater out of the water paralleled the speeding but with its driver. This is when the owner of the boat leaps from one vessel to another. He then is able to successfully power down the boat and breathe a sigh of relief. Both men on board ended up escaping without any life-threatening injuries.

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