Beast Mode Viper Can’t be Taken Down in the Half Mile!!

When it comes to certain cars that have proven themselves to be fan favorites, ...

When it comes to certain cars that have proven themselves to be fan favorites, turning the heads of enthusiasts everywhere, vehicles like the Dodge Viper come to mind. However, the Viper also finds itself in another list, the list of cars that simply his fallen off of the face of the earth and will be one that, undoubtedly, enthusiasts will eventually want to see return. While the Viper might not find its way into production in the foreseeable future, at least we have Vipers of the past to be able to rely on, watching video footage that comes out as these things are still being raced and beaten on regularly.

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This time, the scene of the action is Heaven’s Landing out in Georgia as the WannaGoFast event heats up, giving a platform for this particular Dodge Viper to go and get its aggression out on the airstrip. It’s able to do that through a variety of opponents that try and take a stab at this untamed snake but none of them really seem to stand a chance as the Viper seems to be the strongest competitor out there of the group, managing to put together a couple of pretty impressive passes, taking down vehicles that range from a Terminator Cobra all the way to a car like a Lamborghini Huracan and even a newer Viper, machines that have definitely proven that they’re worthy in terms of straight-line performance.

Check out the video below as this venomous outlaw goes above and beyond, as captured by BigKleib34 as the insane setup really shows everyone who ends up next to it exactly who the boss is. With trap speeds that find their way into the mid 150 mph range, you can’t help but tune in and take a second look at this head turner. This is really one of those cars that just reaches out and is able to touch car fanatics in so many different ways from the looks to the sound and the performance really seems to be the icing on the cake that brings this Viper into another dimension!

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