Finding the Best Off-Roader Money Can Buy

The vehicles that we see on dealership lots these days are designed for mainstream ...

The vehicles that we see on dealership lots these days are designed for mainstream use, more often than not. This means that even though we would love to see some sort of off-road powerhouse, it has to be tamed down in some respect. However, just because these machines are built for the street isn’t to say that they lack in ability. Lots of factory spec trucks are capable of doing amazing things off-road. With the technology that we have available today, the off-road scene is looking better than ever!

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This time, TFL Car takes us inside a couple of off-roaders to see how they stand up to the test. The overarching goal here is to check out a variety of machines that came straight off of the lot and put them to the test. The guys even managed to come up with their very own off-road index in order to give the SUVs some sort of ranking.

In this particular showing, the candidates come from America, Germany, and Japan. That’s right, with this one, we’re looking at the Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, and the Toyota 4Runner. Each and every one of the competitors has its fair share of strengths. Some might have insane articulation that allows them to carry out insane maneuvers for a stock truck. However, weaknesses, like excessive weight might also come into play when figuring everything out. Yeah, we’re looking at you, Mercedes.

By following along in the video below, we get the chance to figure out how three street trucks fare when taken off of the beaten path. It’s not every day that we get to see brand new vehicles hounded on like this. Grab that popcorn and buckle in because this is going to be a great one! We love a little bit of a good off-road beatdown.

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