Best R/C fails on the planet! You know a few of these had to have hurt!

As much as we love RC cars, trucks, planes and other assorted radio controlled ...

As much as we love RC cars, trucks, planes and other assorted radio controlled vehicles, we’re actually bigger fans of fails, but combining the two is probably the most fun you’ll have on the internet today this side of Pornhub.

What you have here is five and a half minutes of screw up and failures, each of which is worth at least a chuckle, especially since these aren’t your top-end toys plowing to into the ground – or innocent bystanders – at a high rate of speed.

Things kick off with a great ankle-smashing impact from a hefty electric monster truck which drives directly into the lower extremities of an another enthusiast who’s getting his own truck ready to run. From there, things only get better – or worse, I suppose, depending on your perspective. We see a tiny tot and his dad enjoying a new Christmas present (though we can’t tell who the present was actually for) for all of two seconds before slamming into the Christmas Tree, sending it toppling to the floor.

The next one, in my opinion, is by far the most spectacular if for no other reason than the sheer amount of pure bad luck it took for it to happen. These two planes have literally all the room in the world to fly, but as the pilots decide to get brave and try a near-miss maneuver, they do a little too good at the “near” part and completely screw up the “miss”. The planes slam into each other with a sickening thud, each of them shattering into several small pieces, much like the pride of their pilots.

The rest of the video is pretty spectacular stuff, but I’m to going to spoil it all for you. Instead, just scroll down a tad and hit that play button and check it out for yourself. I promise you, carving out five and a half minutes to watch this video will make your day better, and as far as we know, this is completely safe for work. Now if we can just get our own Randy Pharr to start videoing everything he does with RC cars, we could have our own fail montage in a day or 2.

RC fails

Not Only Drones not only planes not only helis 😛 comment what's the saddest Clip Don't forget to Like us for more RC Stuff Via FailArmy

Posted by Kanishka on Thursday, November 30, 2017

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