Best Way To Teach Your Kid How To Ride a Motorcycle

There’s nothing like having a hobby to share with your kids. Whatever it is, if it’s ...

There’s nothing like having a hobby to share with your kids. Whatever it is, if it’s something you like or something your kid comes up with on his own – or her own – you can make some amazing memories that both of you will remember for the rest of your lives when you’re sharing in your passion. I was blessed to have a father in my life that introduced me to drag racing and fostered my love for the sport from an early age with weekly trips to our local track and many out-of-town trips to races all over the country.

That same passion that was ignited in me as a child still burns brightly in my heart, as I am as big a fan of the sport as you’ll find anywhere thanks to those weekends at the track, even if I did spend more time playing out in the pits with my friends than I did watching the races. I can say without a doubt I forged friendships there that will remain as long as I live.

This dad may not be into drag racing, but he’s got the right idea as far as getting his kind involved at and early age. While pop rides along on his full size bike, junior scoots down the sidewalk on his tyke-sized cruiser, one that is an incredibly accurate representation of the real thing. He also goes so far as to have his little buddy wear a helmet and jacket, items which every biker should wear. The finishing touch is the pair of aviator-stye sunglasses that really make the young man look like he’s cruising down the freeway instead of just tooling around the neighborhood. If it weren’t for the training wheels and the riders baby face, it would be hard to distinguish this bike from a real cruise, especially with dad easing along with his adult-sized bike idling.

This is what life is all about, folks. Get out there and do something with your kids. Share a passion with them and watch as your relationship flourishes over time while enjoying that shared passion.

If that's not the right way to teach a kid, what is? @leandropratikaempresarial

Posted by Choppertown on Sunday, December 31, 2017

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