Bexar Towing Scam – Towing Company Called Out By News Station

Bexar Towing Scam – Towing Company Called Out By News Station* * * enter to win ...

Bexar Towing Scam – Towing Company Called Out By News Station

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Getting your car towed is never a fun time, but you did, after all, park illegally and the tow truck company was playing by the rules. Right? Not so fast!

This news channel’s investigation tells us that maybe the towing companies aren’t playing by the rules after all. This particular one set up their operation to prey on people like a bunch of vultures.

At this bus station, it seems that many folks are confused about where to park when picking up passengers and the tow truck company is at the ready and about to take full advantage of it!

Check out the video below as the company comes in, boots up cars, and takes them away, all while ignoring the laws and regulations that they’re bound to. Check out the underhanded tactics in the video below to learn why these car owners are so upset about this scam.

This display of trying to escape from a tow truck is downright embarrassing.


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