Beyond The Build Season 1 Episode 2 Brings All The Action From Speed Society!

Here at Speed Society, we are so much more than a company that brings you the latest ...

Here at Speed Society, we are so much more than a company that brings you the latest and greatest in breaking news in the automotive world along with doing giveaways that give you the opportunity to have one of the most amazing cars in the world sitting in your very own garage. We are a brand that is made up of a lot of people putting in a lot of work to become one of the most prevalent automotive brands in the world along with building a product that people can be excited about. When we really connect with and deliver to you, the people who make the automotive world spin on its axis, we consider that a job well done.

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This isn’t something that comes easy as a lot of good people have to put long hours in so that we can create a finished product that we can be proud of and will offer the most value to the person who is joining us on this journey in tracking down as much speed as possible and keeping the gears turning in our lives as octane flows through our veins.

Therefore, we decided that it would be a pretty awesome experience to bring you a small series that gives you a slice of q day in the life here at our headquarters along with giving you the behind the scenes of all of the time and elbow grease that is invested in making these giveaway cars something that really makes an impact here in our octane driven community.

If you haven’t caught episode one of Behind the Build, basically, what we covered so far is that we have indeed enlisted the help of Vengeance Racing to make the next giveaway, a C7 Chevrolet Corvette, yet another showstopper that anybody should be proud to call their own. This time, we dive into the first steps in getting this thing ready to bring to you. If you follow along below, you’ll catch up with our team and what we’ve been up to in order to make sure that you have the chance at the experience of a lifetime!

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