Big Body Donks Clash in Grudge Race at No Guts No Glory

Now that many of them put a huge emphasis on horsepower and performance, we’re ...

Now that many of them put a huge emphasis on horsepower and performance, we’re growing fonder of big body donks rolling on massive wheels, especially when they line up with each other at the drag strip. At No Guts No Glory 5, this pair of green big body donks decided to line up and see which of the two had the most power under the hood.

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Despite riding on massive wheels and likely tipping the scales somewhere close to two and a half tons, both of these cars sound mean and run strong. You don’t need to see or hear much more than their burnouts to know these cars aren’t to be taken lightly, as it is obvious from the time they drop the hammer in the bleach box that both cars came to lay down a pass and take home the win.

At first glance, it looks like both cars have superchargers under their massive hoods – or sticking through them in the case of the car in the far lane – but I’m pretty sure the car in the near lane is actually not blown, relying on the bug catcher style intake to allow the engine to get fresh air from outside the engine bay instead of the hot air inside it. If appearances mattered, we’d have to give the nod to the blown ride, and that is why we don’t just look at cars to decide which is quicker

As soon as the cars leave the line, the one in the closer lane pulls out to a sizable lead and continues to pull away as they make the trip down the Orlando Speed World Dragway track. Around the 330’ marker, the car in the far lane runs into some pretty gnarly backfiring at speed, with visible fireballs coming out of the exhaust under the car. The driver rolls out of the throttle at that point and watches as the competition speeds off into the distance. It’s too bad the clocks aren’t on, I would love to know what the car in the near lane ran through the quarter mile, but for now we’ll just have to settle with him taking the win.

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