Big Chief Makes His Way to the NHRA – The Interview You’ve Been Waiting For.

Last year, we all remember the battle between the NHRA and Street Outlaws with one ...

Last year, we all remember the battle between the NHRA and Street Outlaws with one being all about street racing and the other in strong opposition. If you don’t remember it, in short, things got ugly pretty quick.

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Since then, it seems like the two sides have let time heal all wounds and it might even be appropriate to say that the relationship has made a complete 180.

Recently, it’s been spun around the rumor mill over and over again that possibly Big Chief, the face of Street Outlaws, has been on his way to joining forces with “the man.”


So with all kinds of hearsay and rumors on various topics being spit out left and right, we convened at Speed Society HQ and got on FaceTime with Chief himself for a little friendly chat between himself and Speed Society’s Charlie, Morgan, Matt, and Mikey to iron out what’s fact and what’s crap. He really opened up to us with some juicy information.

To put it bluntly, if you even remotely consider yourself a Street Outlaws or Big Chief fan, you won’t want to miss what he has to say here.


Diving into everything from how the Crow has been converted to be safe for NHRA competition and how much it costs to do such a conversion to exactly what Chief is going to be doing in terms of street competition and what other goals are ahead on his bucket list, we’ve got you covered!

Dig your fangs deep into all of the information on what’s been going on with Chief and the Crowmod in the exclusive interview below that you’re most definitely not seeing anywhere else!



In this interview, you can expect to ask Chief all types of things like:

  1. Why are you always putting bearings in your motor?
  2. What is Jeff Lutz’s involvement in this whole ordeal?
  3. Do you feel any less street, since you’re now involved with the NHRA, who is openly in opposition to it?
  4. How does this change your relationship with Murder Nova who is as street as they come?
  5. Are you building another car for the street?
  6. Lots of people want to see another version of the old Crow. Can we expect something similar?
  7. Why did you shut off your Facebook account?
  8. Why stick with the four-year-old Butler and not switch to a new motor?
  9. Let’s talk about the internet trolls. Did you see that epic comment by David Bird Jones?
  10. Outlaw Armageddon is supposed to be insane, but we heard you’re not racing it. What’s up with that?
  11. What exactly is the deal with Big Marc?
  12. Can you run the Crowmod on Street Outlaws and in NHRA competition?
  13. Is the Crowmod NHRA ready? If not, what needs to be done to get it there?
  14. How much money have you spent on the Crowmod this past year?
  15. What do your wife and kids think of all the new racing you find yourself being a part of?
  16. What are you doing for a crew with NHRA competition? Same guys from the shop? New People?
  17. Has this been a lifelong dream of yours?
  18. You have the smallest displacement on the lists (NHRA). Will the car stay with the same Pontiac power?
  19. Have you named your team yet?
  20. What will be the biggest challenge in racing NHRA? Time? Money? Family? All of the above?
  21. Do you have a bucket list? What’s on it?
  22. Any advice for young racers who want to get to where you’re at?
  23. Top 10 Podcast Questions

Make sure to listen in to the answers to all of these questions and more as Chief really opens up in the interview that can be viewed below. Hopefully, this will answer any and all questions that you might have about the latest on what this Street Outlaws All-Star has been up to!

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