Big Chief Nearly Crashes New Car Over The Weekend On No Prep!

Some call it “The Crow” Some call it “The Judge”, but we’ll call it FAST!* * * enter ...

Some call it “The Crow” Some call it “The Judge”, but we’ll call it FAST!

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Big Chief is no stranger to racing on any surface, from big tire prep at the U.S Nationals in his pro mod, to radial tire prep down at SGMP, to the sketchy streets of Oklahoma City, Texas, Memphis, California, and anywhere in between, Chief has been there, done that, and raced on it! With only one crash under his belt, which happened to be one of if not the worst crash in the history of the TV show. Which wasn’t really his fault even. Chiefs record is pretty great behind the wheel

This time he was racing at the signature event in Oklahoma City. Outlaw Armageddon. The biggest no prep race of the year for these guys that isn’t filmed for a TV show, a race Chief won the inaugural version of in his old car “The Crow” which mentioned above has since been totaled, Friday night Chief entered the “Big tire unlimited” class, which is a few of the guys who run Saturday in the invitational OG steel class, and a bunch of pro mods. He drew “Sparky” first round, a composite body Corvette, with a big cubic inch nitrous combo (We believe a 632) Chief shot out of the hole like he was shot out of a cannon, but around the 100’ mark he seemingly was driving on ice, completely sideways in both directions we don’t really know how Chief gathered it up, but we’re glad he did!

We asked Cameraman Mike OC from National No Prep Racing Association what it was like from his point of view as Chief drove straight at him, and here is what he said

“I was shocked in Chief’s gangsta driving, one minute doing a wheelie straight towards me at the wall in full speed, next blink an eye, he was doing a g body shuffle impression away from me to a save. Amazing sequence of a run!”

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