Big Chief Testing the Crowmod on Drag Radials!

Big Chief Testing the Crowmod on Drag Radials!Enter to win this 850hp GT-R/$50,000 in ...

Big Chief Testing the Crowmod on Drag Radials!

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If there is one driver in drag racing that has been making waves recently, it’s Big Chief and his new Pro Mod known as the Crowmod.

When his old Pontiac LeMans bit the dust, it kind of sucked as we all loved that car, but became a a bittersweet moment when we saw the car’s replacement.

This time, we check in on Chief and the car as they make a test pass on a set of drag radials, allowing the car to shoot to a 4.38-second eighth mile and it looks like they left pretty easily.

Check out the video below to see a taste of what we can expect to see out of the car at No Mercy. It should be interesting to see where they go from here and how Chief ends up stacking up against the competition.

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