Big Rig Driver Overestimates Driving Ability and Regrets it Immediately

As you can probably imagine, driving a big rig bears a lot more responsibility than ...

As you can probably imagine, driving a big rig bears a lot more responsibility than wheeling around in a regular car. With the added size and weight come a lot more that you have to be aware of. You simply can’t wheel this kind of a machine wherever you want and as quickly as you do with a car that has a lot more agility and control. These rules come into effect, even more, when you throw some bad weather into the mix. Let’s just say that a wet and slippery road can certainly sneak up on you a lot faster than you might have originally anticipated and when it does, the situation is beyond your control many times.

This time, we’re on the scene as this big rig driver gets tangled up in a sideways slide as he’s going down a wet and winding road when he finds himself out-driving his abilities and putting the entire rig sideways and then into some trees. As we follow the situation from a dashcam following along behind the driver who was all over the road, you can’t help but feel a little bit scared as the truck veers off of the highway! We can only hope that the driver ended up being alright after this misjudgment that ended up with a rather expensive looking wreck.

Follow along in the video below that takes you on this high-speed adventure that didn’t end so well. If there’s anything to take from a video like this, we would say that it would be making sure that you’re driving appropriately for conditions because you never know what’s going to happen out there. One false move on a roadway like this and you could be looking at something even worse if you take out a whole collection of other drivers.

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