Big Tire Bel Air vs Malibu Wagon HEADS UP $$$

Big Tire Bel Air vs Malibu Wagon HEADS UP $$$pre-entries are now live for sweepstakes ...

Big Tire Bel Air vs Malibu Wagon HEADS UP $$$

pre-entries are now live for sweepstakes 24!
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When you line up a big tire car featuring a big block with nitrous and a small tire car with a small block and nitrous, common sense would lean towards putting your money on the big tire car as it should grab traction easier.

In this case, however, if you did that, you might be going home just a few dollars lighter than when you came out to check out the races.

Even after some serious prep on the street, this big tire Chevrolet Bel Air couldn’t manage to hook up well enough to overcome the small tire Chevrolet Malibu in the next lane.

Check out the video below that shows off this pair squaring off on a back road somewhere deep in the dark crevices of Mexico. Is this how you expected this race to turn out?

This nasty ’57 Chevy below shakes the ground with all of its muscle!


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