Big Tire Drag Racing On A NASCAR Track?

In the expansive world of drag racing, there are several different types of “prep”, ...

In the expansive world of drag racing, there are several different types of “prep”, or preparation techniques used to ready the track for the type of cars that are racing. There’s what most of us know as “radial prep”, a flypaper-like prep that offers cars on radials an insane level of traction needed to keep the tires planted during a run. There’s what has become known as “big tire prep”, or what most tracks would consider standard preparation, a sticky track that still allows cars with slicks to get some tire slip, but not have the tires actually break loose and spin, at least in theory. And there is of course “no prep”, the least sticky and most unpredictable type of prep that’s really came on strong in recent years thanks to the popularity of Street Outlaws and a huge following throughout the midwest.

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Within the no-prep realm, there are also various types of prep, from a track that is prepped the day before a race and only touched again if needed during cleanup, to tracks or surfaces that are scraped down to bare concrete with no rubber to speak of left behind. Operation Outlaw, held on pit road at Kansas Speedway is of the latter variety, providing the least possible traction of any surface this side of a mud hole. However, that didn’t stop some of the biggest names in no prep and even a few of the Street Outlaws from coming out to throw down on the sketchy concrete surface to see who would be the master of the concrete for this year’s event.

You can hit the play button below and find out who takes home the win, I’m not going to spoil that here. What I can tell you is this is some great footage from our buddies over at Urban Hillbilly, one of the original drag racing videographers who has been around the sport for a long time. These guys know how to catch the action and bring it to us to share with you!

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