Bigfoot Tire Changes Are A Sight To Be Seen.

When it comes to the monster trucks that we see dominating the dirt, they really are ...

When it comes to the monster trucks that we see dominating the dirt, they really are some massive machines. When we see these trucks, it can be really easy to get awestruck. Entranced with watching the trucks in action, there aren’t too many people who think about the logistical side. Being able to maintain and show something like this is no small feat. It’s not as easy as slapping it on a trailer and driving to the next destination. There’s definitely an additional couple of steps that it takes to travel with a vehicle like Bigfoot.

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As it turns out, with the massive tires that we see monster trucks rolling on, they might not necessarily be able to fit in a street legal trailer. By taking one look at a vehicle like this, it’s obviously far too big to be street legal. Therefore, some special precautions need to be taken in order┬áto make sure that it can be towed around. Those massive tires are certainly a part of the show but the overbearing width that they give to the truck, while equipped, certainly isn’t going to make the cut for traveling. Just try to imagine this thing rolling down the highway as it sits!

By following along with the video below, we get to see the process that takes a vehicle like Bigfoot from a freak that’s ready to throw down to something that’s ready to make its way to the next show. After seeing something like this that has to be done before each new location, one might just gather an all-new appreciation for what it is that these folks are able to accomplish. It’s a shame that they can’t just drive the truck from location to location. After all, if somebody tried to pull them over, Bigfoot could just run them over, right?

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