The Biggest Jump EVER At Silver Lake Sand Dunes

The Biggest Jump EVER At Silver Lake Sand Dunes* Click the image below and get ...

The Biggest Jump EVER At Silver Lake Sand Dunes

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To put it lightly, physics was not on the side of Mike Higgins as he launched his sand truck off of the dunes at Silver Lake. It seems almost as if he launched completely vertical.

When Mike finally came down 180 feet later, it wasn’t on all fours, but rather the back bumper. This created a whiplash effect, sending the front of the truck to slam on to the ground causing all sorts of damage.

Luckily Mike was alright. At least he will have an epic video to remember the occasion, even though he may want to forget this one. Check out the sticky situation in the video below!

There is no shortage of crashes from the Silver Lake dunes, this Chevrolet Silverado was severely battered after a jump.


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