BigKleib34 Replaced his Z06 with the Least Likely Thing Ever and We Can’t to See More of It

Our good friend Jesse from the BigKleib34 YouTube Channel recently got rid of his Z06 ...

Our good friend Jesse from the BigKleib34 YouTube Channel recently got rid of his Z06 and began the search for a replacement ride. While many fans speculated that he would end up with a ZR1 or a Lambo, Jesse took a completely different approach and decided to go with a 2000 Chevy Silverado for his next project. To introduce us to the truck, Big Kleib made this video, where we get to see where the truck came from and get a general idea of where the project is headed.

As you can see in the photos, the truck came to the guy Jesse bought it from in pretty rough condition. It had been put out to pasture, so to speak, and had to be brought back to life by Central Maryland Performance, which is where Jesse found the truck. With the body returned to better-than-original condition thanks to the 2500 series swap on the front and a fresh coat of paint, the truck already looks great. The addition of the Rally style wheels is a nice retro touch, while still filling the wheel well nicely at 20″ in diameter.

As we would expect, Jesse plans to make the truck considerably faster. That won’t be too hard, as it has a stock 5.3 nestled under the hood for the time being. We expect that to change quickly, though we aren’t sure which route Big Kleib will take to make more power with the pickup. Five-Three’s love boost, but we’ve seen some pretty badass blown setups too, and there’s always nitrous for additional power as well. Whichever route he chooses, rest assured Jesse will share the details with us along the trucks’ journey, and we’ll bring it to you as we go.

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