Bike & Builder (Custom Motorcycle Series Trailer 1)

If you ever have the opportunity to build any kind of machine yourself, I would most ...

If you ever have the opportunity to build any kind of machine yourself, I would most certainly hop on it. Anyone who has ever built something that they’re proud of will tell you all about the frustrations and victories that are all accumulated in the building of a perfect machine. Because we have all of these highs and lows, the result is so much more worth it and there’s a good chance that after seeing all of the fruits of your labor come together and what you’re able to accomplish, that you will develop an addiction to building whatever it is that you’re building and won’t have a choice but to continue on that road, putting more of your very own creations together.

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This time, we check out out a teaser for a little bit of a bike build off in which custom bike builders tell us a little bit about what it is that makes their hearts tick with enthusiasm when it comes to putting together custom motorcycles, how they stay up nights thinking about what they can do to a certain part to make it a little bit cooler or make it fit with the theme of the bike. At the end of the day, it’s an obsession but as these guys tell us, they wouldn’t rather have any other thing on their mind and in their dreams.

Follow along with the video below that will show you some of the unique craftsmanship and abilities of these guys that really brings their art on wheels to life. Some of what these creators are able to accomplish is really museum quality work. However, with something like this, no matter how good it might look, you just can’t help but want to take it on the street and show it off!

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