Biker Gets Mad, Cops Dish Out Instant Karma

Biker Gets Mad, Cops Dish Out Instant Karmawin $50,000 in cash or This 750+hp ...

Biker Gets Mad, Cops Dish Out Instant Karma

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This news crew in San Fransisco was out documenting the current traffic issues on a busy stretch of road in the area when a biker misses his exit turns around and goes the wrong way down the onramp.

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The news crew got all of this on video and the biker saw them filming him. Moments later the guy on the bike rushes the crew and continues to yell at them saying they have no right to film him, after the confrontation the crew finds out that it was all caught on a local traffic camera and police were there in minutes. The biker was cited multiple traffic tickets and had his motorcycle impounded because he was driving on a suspended license!!

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