BUILT TO DESTROY: Blake Wilkey Shreds Mexico in 560+HP VW Bug

For those unacquainted with Blake Wilkey, let’s just say that he has a certain ...

For those unacquainted with Blake Wilkey, let’s just say that he has a certain need for speed. With the help of a very custom Volkswagen Bug, he’s able to conquer just about any terrain at hand. In fact, this might just be the most modified Beetles that we’ve ever seen which is really saying something. It’s almost to the point where it’s barely recognizable as a VW!

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When all is said and done, the bug is an off-road dream. The machine makes a stout 560 hp. On the surface, this might not seem like a ton. After all, the internet does a good job of spoiling us with thousand-horsepower creations. What a lot of people don’t realize is that making that much power isn’t necessary for most applications.

When we actually watch how the 560 hp makes it to the ground, it seems like more than enough. The power to weight ratio here is definitely something to point out. We’re left to assume that the metric is probably nothing short of astounding.

In this one, the machine makes its way to the dunes in order to show us what it has on tap. With every time he cracks the throttle, we can’t help what to join in on the action. There’s just something special about the way that this Bug is able to carve through the sand like it’s nobody’s business.

We even get the opportunity to stop in at Wilkey’s shop to showcase what makes the machine so special. As it turns out, it seems like Blake likes to do some over the top shredding. Therefore, every component on the Beetle had to be built to the moon. If there’s something that could be broken, this seems like just the guy to do it. However, that’s combated with some top tier components!

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