10 Years Later, You Can Get a Used $200,000 Bentley For Insanely Cheap

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

While on your endeavours, searching for a vehicle, if the topic of depreciation is one that happens to be important to you, there are definitely some brands that you’re going to want to stay away from if you’re buying new. One rule of thumb to keep your eye on is that, if a vehicle falls into a luxury brand category, you might want to take a second look at the history of that brand before jumping into it head first. A lot of times, these luxurious cars might be insanely cool to be behind the wheel of, however, if you plan on keeping one for any substantial amount of time, there’s a good chance of that price tag is going to fall through the bargain basement as they can tend to depreciate harder than other vehicles in many cases.

Now, this definitely isn’t something that’s true all of the time. After all, there are exceptions to every rule, however, if you take a look at something like this 2005 Bentley Continental GT, a car that, when loaded up nicely, could have originally yielded an MSRP over $200,000 with a base price of $161,000, you see just how real depreciation can be with a vehicle like this.

In fact, the example that Doug DeMuro is looking at here is selling for an asking price of a mere $55,000, a price point, while not the cheapest, is competitive with something like a new nicely loaded BMW, a brand that has lots of prestige but not necessarily one that you want to be competing with if you’re spending the kind of money that it takes to get into a vehicle like a Bentley.

Now, while the twin turbo 12-cylinder that cranks out 550 hp might not be the best bang for your buck if you’re worried about depreciation in new format, the depreciated price at $55,000 could be a pretty good value, especially considering that it’ll probably linger there a bit longer and not take as sharp of a nose dive in price in the next decade as it did in the first.

If you follow along below, Doug will take you on one of his always thorough tours that tells you all about what exactly you can expect to get from a vehicle like this at such a price point.