1,200+HP Pump Gas LSX On The Engine Dyno!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

I can’t deny that I automatically assumed a 4-digit horsepower level LS engine would be boosted by either a big single turbocharger or a pair of medium sized snails, especially considering it’s on pump gas. However, supercharging has come such a long way that it’s really not that uncommon to see a blown LS engine cranking out over a thousand horsepower, especially when it comes from the ridiculous mind of renown engine building badass Steve Morris.

Steve and his crew are known for not only building completely badass engines for a wide array of projects, but making sure the tune is spot on before the engine leaves the shop by running it on their engine dyno. This allows their customers the amazing luxury of knowing the engine is ready to drop it and drive without having to deal with tuning it on their end.

This particular engine features an all-Dart Products block and heads combination that offers a few benefits over the LSX series of offerings from GM, and of course a custom-built rotation assembly and valve train selected by Morris himself to extract the most possible power from the build without sacrificing reliability and efficiency.

The power adder is a monster 3.6 liter Kenne Bell supercharger with a Big Mouth throttle body designed to cram as much air as possible into the 427 CID powerplant bolted to the bottom of the blower. The package looks great and runs even better, pumping out an insane 1,200 horsepower seemingly effortlessly. Thanks to the crank-driven supercharger’s design, it has an torque curve that’s broader and flatter than Kansas and still manages to crank out incredible horsepower numbers to boot.

This is just one of many reason Morris and Co. are the go-to engine builders for so many badass builds we’ve seen over the past several years.