1986 Ford Mustang SVO BARN FIND With Only 5,000 Miles

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

The barn find is definitely an interesting concept that shows you lots of not only automotive history but also something about people in general and how much we have along with how it’s easy to take it for granted or lose sight of material things sometimes. Now, not every single bard find situation is exactly a vehicle that has been taken for granted, however, when you see some of these cars just left behind to rot, you really have to wonder exactly what happened in someone’s life to cause them to lose interest in the car or forget about a car to the point where an incredibly rare and valuable machine or something that is a unique part of automotive culture.

This time, the topic of discussion is not other than an SVO Ford Mustang, a car that was the most expensive of the Mustang lineup during its time and sported something that was relatively new to the pony car and way ahead of its time in a turbocharged four-cylinder powerplant. After going over this thing, you can practically feel the history teaming out of every pore, kind of giving you a visualization of what this thing was like when it was rolling through the streets all those years ago in a format that was drastically different from a lot of the other cars that you might’ve seen on the street. Granted that I wasn’t around at the time, you’d be inclined to think that the people of the time didn’t know how to take this thing!

If you follow along with the video down below, you’ll be able to check out this car for yourself, going along for a journey through this barn find that really proves to be an entertaining and educational journey that might just teach you a little bit about this American icon of which there aren’t many left!