2 Monster 500 Cubic Inch HEMIs Help Roar The Challenger II To 411MPH

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

In half-mile racing, many drivers will tell you that exceeding the 200 mph mark is a phenomenon that is tough to explain, even if you have experienced speeds over 150 mph.

With that in mind, we are wondering how one would go about explaining how it feels to travel at a speed that is more than double the 200 mph mark.

In this one, we check out Danny Thompson as he heads out to Speed Week 2016 for a monster pass in the Challenger II and knocks home an amazing pass.

Check out the video below as a pair of monstrous 500 cu in Hemi engines help push this rocket to just over 411mph to be backed up by a 402 mph pass.