2 Suspicious Exotic Car Accidents That Don't Add Up... And Why We Love Seeing Them.

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/17/2021

Toward the end of this video, Rob Feretti from SuperSpeeders makes a statement that is pretty profound, although he drops it as if it’s not that big a deal. I happen to find it fascinating and want to use his video to break into the conversation about the topic.

Rob says “people love seeing crashed exotics”, and that’s what I want to discuss today. The statement is true, but what I want to know is why. We all get some kind of twisted pleasure from watching cars crash, or there wouldn’t be tens of millions of views annually on videos showing just that. But there’s something that draws us even more to seeing an exotic car wadded up or on fire, something that adds to the spectacle, even if the crash isn’t really that bad.

So what exactly is it? Is that an opportunity for the masses, the vast majority of which can’t afford a car like a Lamborghini or McLaren, to get a little satisfaction from seeing something so expensive and unattainable reduced to a pile of scrap? Because we can afford piles of scrap so that levels the playing field a little bit. That could certainly be a part of the equation.

Another factor that I usually find myself keyed into is the driver. It’s really easy to just assume that in almost every case, the driver made some kind of error leading to the crash. It could be something as simple as following too closely, but that still counts as driver error. I have a tendency to assume the drivers were just downright stupid and driving like an absolute idiot at the time of the crash. Why? Because then I can envision myself as better than them because I would never drive a car like that beyond my skills and the car’s limitations. And since I’ll never own one, it’s very easy to make those claims since I’ll never have to actually back them up.

So watch this video from Rob with this whole dynamic in mind and see if you think I’m on the right path here.