57 Lady Parting with '57 Chevy After 60 years of Ownership

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Until you have actually been behind the wheel and gotten that feeling, it can be hard thing to explain. However, for those of us who tend to get attached to our cars, we know all about that sentimental feeling that you get when you have a car for a while and had some experiences with it. After all, It’s been there through all of the hard times and after all those long bonding hours in the garage, sometimes, those four-wheeled stress relievers really end up being the best thing that’s there with you through thick and thin.

We would imagine that over a 60-year period of time, there would be a lot of thick and thin moments to be had. Therefore, you would also imagine that the woman that goes by the name of “57 Lady,” the woman who has defined herself by spending six decades driving her Chevrolet, that she would have a couple of experiences to tell the world about. While we’re sure that she does, after her long run of ownership of the car, she has decided that it has come time to call it quits with the machine, turning the keys over to another owner.

On the surface, it might be a little bit confusing as to why exactly she would want to do something like this. After all, if you spent so much time with a car like this one, you might think that she would want to hang onto it for an eternity or eventually pass it on to a family member, however, it seems like she has pretty good reasoning behind wanting to move on from the car. It really seems like something that she wants to share with someone else who will be able to appreciate it as she says the last thing that she wants is for the car to end up behind the doors of the barn. It’s really a touching story and we think you’ll get quite a smile on your face by joining in with the video below.