This '67 Mustang Fastback has Been Flared and Coyote Swapped!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Old school muscle cars certainly have a very obvious appeal. It doesn’t take a genius to see what attracts people to the noise, attitude, and power of this boisterous variety of cars. In fact, there aren’t many cars on the road that are going to be as in-your-face as an old school muscle machine.

Back then, the concept of dropping big power in a small car was relatively new. When the muscle machine began to become popular, America was greeted with a phenomenon that has stayed very alive and well into the modern era.

These days, the descendants of the 60s muscle machines have gotten a bit more extreme. On the more powerful end of the spectrum, we watch as factory performance cars are surpassing the 800 hp mark. Even the tamest of today’s muscle cars would blow a classic out of the water.

If we drove around in a 2020 Ford Mustang GT today, it would likely blow the doors off of any originally-powered 60s muscle machine in existence. Heck, even some of today’s engines with fewer cylinders would keep old school v8s’ hands full in terms of performance.

There’s still appeal in the simplicity of an old school muscle machine. However, it’s hard to deny the power and efficiency of modern applications. On the performance side, there’s simply no comparison. This time, we get to watch as the best of both worlds comes together in one intense package.

Outside, this ride featured by AutotopiaLA might look like a 1967 Mustang fastback with some trick body modification done. Under the hood, though, we find a Coyote engine that really spices things up a little bit. In fact, that’s really just where the modification starts. It seems like every single piece of this old-school Mustang has been customized and truly made to stand out in some way!