8-Year-Old Supercar Genius, Probably Knows More About Cars Than Most People

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

For many of us who are into cars, our passion started young. In one way or another, we were introduced to horsepower. In some situations, the passion for going fast just simply never stopped. I think most of us gearheads can probably trace back our automotive history to a point in time and remember our start.

Now, back in the day, obviously, we weren’t as well-versed as we are today. However, over the years, we have picked up all sorts of information. These days, perhaps that information has led to working on cars and looking even looking up parts all hours of the day and night. We know for sure, that for most, it has at least resulted in a couple of late-night YouTube search strings with lots of horsepower.

This time, we check out a little bit of daytime talk show action which isn’t something you’ll commonly find here on Speed Society. However, in this particular clip, we find that Steve Harvey has stumbled upon a young man who is quite an automotive enthusiast.

As eight-year-old Chester struts up on Steve’s set, he brings with him quite the knowledge base of supercars. When talking with Steve, he shows us that he can identify a range of exotic automobiles. Not only that but he can also tell a little bit about how much they cost and even how fast they’re capable of going. We would be willing to bet that plenty of older car enthusiasts couldn’t even name some of these machines.

Sure, young Chester isn’t necessarily turning the wrenches himself yet. However, we can’t help but love to see youngsters who are into cars was such a passion. When we consider the way that we started out, kids like this are going to be the next ones to start filling shoes that keep the automotive industry going!