9 Second Dodge Cummins Pulls Hard On a Foxbody Mustang

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This video is just full of win! Besides getting to see a massive diesel pickup stomping on a pretty healthy fox body Mustang, we can’t help but love the way the crowd totally got into this matchup!

You can hear the spectators begin to chatter as the racers roll toward the starting line, then as the diesel begins to spool, the crowd noise begins to grow along with the Dodge’s exhaust plume. By the time both vehicles stage up, the crowd is already at a dull roar, waiting with anticipation to see if the hulking behemoth can take down the obvious favorite.

As soon as the green light drops and the pickup leaps out to a full truck-length lead, the crowd erupts, continuing to cheer as the truck paces the Mustang for then entire quarter mile, laying down a ridiculous ET of 9.18 seconds at over 145 MPH.