Always Make The Best of a Bad Situation, RC Boat Attacks Flooded Bathroom!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

In life, there are a lot of situations that seem to be dull and dead-ended. However, there are clichés about these situations for a reason. For example, the saying that “when life throws you lemons, you should make lemonade” is definitely a good way to look life. You’re going to have to deal with a bad situation anyway so why not try to make the best out of it? A positive outlook never hurt anybody, even those who have been in an extremely bad situation where they have had every right to feel a little bit down about the way that their luck is going.

This time, we’ve run into a group of people who appear to have come into a pretty bad luck streak, to say the least. I guess that when they got to work and walked into the bathroom, they discovered that a little bit of flooding had occurred. I guess that one of the pipes had simply outlived its usefulness and therefore, they would be greeted by several inches of water on the floor. That’s definitely not something that anybody wants to have to deal with but when these guys were faced with the situation that would call for some heavy cleanup, they would take a moment to have a little bit of fun first.

Hey, why not!?

If you follow along in video below, you’ll be able to check out the incredibly unfortunate situation along with the use of a remote controlled boat that might at least allow these people to smile for a little bit before they had to face the harsh reality that they were going to have to clean up this huge mess or even worse, pay somebody to come in and help them out. After watching a video like this, be sure to tell us one situation where life has handed you lemons and you took the opportunity to turn it into lemonade.