Angry Fan Climbs Fence, Tries to Pick Fight With Driver After Wreck

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

In the heat of the moment, a race can get rather rowdy. Just like any other sport, racing has a ton of emotion tied up in it. Before we even get to the actual race itself, hundreds of hours are invested in putting together a car.

From there, once the race starts, stress is put on the human body and mind alike. As a strenuous effort is exerted to gaining position, one false move could send everything off the rails. If this false move involves a couple of drivers, things could end up getting confrontational.

This time, unfortunately, that’s exactly what would happen at Dillon Motor Speedway during the New Year’s Bash. This isn’t your traditional racing bout, though. We certainly have seen situations in all sorts of racing where drivers have found the need to exit their vehicles and engage in a physical confrontation.

This time, from what we understand, it all started when a pair of drivers would cause a caution. When under caution, the story goes, that one of these two drivers would purposefully ram into the other. We weren’t on the scene to judge what happened. However, from the info relayed via the video’s uploader, it definitely sounds like things got incredibly heated.

Apparently, the undertaking was egregious enough to convince a spectator to jump in on the action. Before long, we watch as the spectator scales the fence, going straight for the aggressor. In other words, one thing leads to another and before we know it, a fiasco spiraled out of control.

“Not something you see every day as a fan climbs the fence after a crash in the New Year’s Bash at Dillon Motor Speedway just a few minutes ago. Justin Altman (fan) climbs the fence to fight after David Thomas crashes into Wayne Locklair intentionally under caution after the two triggered the caution a couple laps before.”


The response to the situation has been rather mixed. Some support the man who jumped the fence to come to the defense of his friends. Others saying that he simply escalated matters. After checking out this insane situation, be sure to tell us what your take is on how everything unfolded during this race.