Angry Vermont Man Uses Tractor to CRUSH Police Cars

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Even with all the money and time in the world, there are just some things that you could never do or might not want to do in real life that could be accomplished ina virtual reality. This is why we have outlets like video games such as Grand Theft Auto to let us exercise our inner rage monkey and do things that would probably make you go straight to jail without passing go or collecting your $200 dollars most of the time. That is, unless you’re the variety of person who doesn’t really care about the consequences and that appears to be exactly what we have here.

Now, when this Vermont man was charged with a crime that he didn’t like, he wasn’t going to sit down and just take the charges. Now, you would think that, as a reasonable person, someone would settle it all in court but this guy had other plans in mind and they revolved around acting like your favorite character straight out of an action movie. The carnage that this guy left behind is truly amazing and will definitely leave your jaw dropped on the floor.

Now, this character of a man didn’t go through the police station with guns blazing or anything extreme like that, but instead, what he did decide to do was a whole different kind of extreme. While it isn’t said to be fact that this man is a Farmer, he somehow got his hands on a massive tractor and decided to run over a whole collection of police cars. The carnage that he left behind really tallied up the dollar signs until about $300,000 in damage was done.

The news reports down below is on the scene to show you exactly what was left behind with this horrific act of rage. Something tells us that when all is said and done, this guy is really going to regret what he did with his anger. It really does look like this guy has a long and ugly road ahead of him to settle these debts that he has now accrued.