Bieber Gets Hounded by TMZ Over Lamborghini, When Will it Stop?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If there is one celebrity that the mainstream media has certainly fallen head over heels for, that individual would be Justin Bieber and thanks to his antics that he has been known to pull, not many of which have really happened recently, the cameras have since found a way to be trained on the super celebrity. This just goes to show you that when you achieve that level of fame, absolutely everybody is going to be obsessed with whatever you do next, at least when it comes the cameras of the paparazzi that follow the situations that they think will get the most clicks.

Sometimes, there might even be situations where most levelheaded people would think that this kind of paparazzi attention would get a little bit ridiculous and when it comes to Bieber and the way that certain news outlets track his every move, I think that you could say that we’re just about there, to that level of ridiculousness. One thing that they like to grab hold of as of late is Justin’s Lamborghini, showcasing every single move that the car makes with Bieber behind the wheel from simple traffic infractions to a valet bottoming the car out and this time, they seem to be obsessed with the way that he’s backing out of his driveway!

In the video below, it would seem as if Bieber is going through a situation that anyone with a lowered car can identify with as he looks to be finding a way to navigate out of a driveway with an incline. In such a situation, you’ll probably find yourself doing all sorts of obscure maneuvering from driving sideways over bumps to driving backwards and everything in between just to make sure you don’t scratch your car up, however, as this dynamic falls into the hands of the media who doesn’t really seem to grasp it, it’s now headline news and leaves many wondering why.