Can a Mexican-Designed Supercar Play Ball with the Big Boys?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Let’s play a game. When I toss out the word “supercar,” what countries of origin tend to come to your mind?

For most, Italy would probably be a good choice because their collection of these types of machines is almost second to none. Others, well, they might resort to a country like France that has made its mark in history with the Bugatti brand or potentially the Swiss with Koenigsegg or the Germans with, well, you get our point. Certain countries have just become known for their bloodline that’s known to produce these top-shelf cars.

If you continue down that list of countries that you might expect that type of super performer to come from, I think that you would probably get pretty winded or give up and quit before you can get to Mexico. While some vehicles are produced in Mexico because of the cheap cost of labor, I can’t really think of too many noteworthy vehicles at all that are of Mexican origin. However, this time, we check out a one-of-a-kind supercar that was produced from this land and thanks to Supercar Blondie, we get to take an up close and personal look at it.

Now, this isn’t a car that we would drive on an everyday basis or even one that we would consider bringing out if it were going to rain, however, if you want to rocket around in the machine that’s going to draw attention and offer up some pretty top-notch performance, the exact metrics that the supercar is supposed to deliver, maybe looking into the Mexican made VUHL 05 could be a decent place to start.

The feather-light platform, when paired with nearly 300 horsepower created by a 2.0L Ford powerplant has to be an absolute blast. With each and every second of the video below that unfolds another layer to the story, you might just have yourself a new favorite dream toy.