Can AZN Escape the Caddy Couch? | Street Outlaws

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Farmtruck and AZN aren’t just badass street racers but like many other people who are involved in hobbies that involve mechanical inclination, they use their abilities in other lines of work as well. This time, they’re creating a little bit of furniture in a very Farmtruck and AZN way.

We watch as the duo puts the final touches on their Caddy couch, a couch designed to emulate the rear end of an old school Cadillac, complete with the trunk lid and all when AZN comes up with the idea to test out the couch to make sure that it’s safe for use if the lid closes by accident.

Ideally, the best way to test this danger out is to sit inside while lid snaps to a close on top of you and that’s exactly what AZN would do as he would take one for the team to see if he could make his way back out of the couch with a closed lid.

Once he ends up closing himself inside, it just turns out that the guys have a little bit of a surprise for him and it entails them closing the lid, putting something on top of it, and walking out of the room! Check out these Street Outlaws shenanigans that keep up laughing at the antics of Farmtruck and AZN.