Chase Elliott Gives Kyle Busch One Finger Salute After Being Spun Out in Final Laps at Darlington

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

NASCAR hasn’t been back for very long in the COVID era. However, tensions are already at an all-time high. Perhaps, one of our favorite things about NASCAR racing is the rivalry factor that unfolds on the track and behind the scenes. Sure, great racing is paramount. However, shortly behind that on the list of importance, we find that the drama keeps us coming back. Names like Kyle Busch have rocketed to NASCAR stardom with an unapologetic attitude that people either love or love to hate.

In the first race back at Darlington this past Sunday, not much happened. I think that we all were happy just to see racing again, even without any drama. In fact, seeing a nice clean race was rather welcome.

In the second race of the double-header, this past Wednesday, we would get the volume cranked up just a little bit. As Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott were battling for the second position, Busch would end up tagging Elliot’s rear quarter panel. The contact would be enough to send Elliott spinning out of control and into the wall. Following the race, things naturally got a little bit heated. This wasn’t before Elliott would make his way to the apron of the track to flip Busch the bird on the live broadcast.

We aren’t saying that we side with one team or another. However, the fact that rain was impending and threatening to end the race makes it looked kind of bad for Busch.

Busch essentially told reporters that he did it on accident. He says that it was definitely his fault. However, instead of a purposeful maneuver, it was simply an overzealous accident. Fans would immediately head to social media to have a discussion about what happened on the track. While some believed what Kyle said about the contact being incidental, others weren’t buying it.

Since the incident, Busch said on a Zoom call that he talked with Elliott and that it went “Really well.”

We’re sure that being in second place with just 10 laps to go and falling all way to a 38th place finish didn’t sit well with Elliot. Even though the drivers have verbally sorted through it, it’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out come race day. The next NASCAR race, the Coca-Cola 600, will be televised on Fox at 6 PM Eastern Time.