Can Cheap Grease Out Perform a Premium Name Brand Product?

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it comes to properly outfit a garage, some things might not seem that expensive. After all, when it comes to getting the name brand of grease, the more expensive brand only costs a couple more dollars. However, when looking at things as a part of the big picture, it all adds up. Before we know it, a couple of bucks here and there can end up becoming hundreds of dollars over time.

On another note, absolutely nobody wants to throw money away. Sometimes, we find that certain brands just slap a logo on a product and get away with selling the same thing. This is where we really need to be careful, though, when it comes time to make a decision. There are most certainly situations where someone gets what they pay for when outfitting their garage.

This time, we check out a product that pretty much every automotive garage is going to have on hand. In fact, we would argue that the vast majority of garages would probably have grease on the shelf in some capacity. So, when it comes to picking out a tube of grease, is it worth spending the extra money?

As our hose at the Project Farm YouTube channel argues, the same basic formula for grease has been around for decades. Would it make sense that one brand could possibly be better than another? On the surface, it might not seem like there’s much potential for a difference. However, when he starts testing it out, we quickly find out that maybe the spread is a little bit further than we had originally anticipated.

By following along with the video below, we watch as Project Farm puts two variations of grease against one another in a head-to-head test. You’ll never look at a tube of this stuff the same way ever again.