Chevrolet S-10 Truck Crashes Right After Launch at No Mercy 7

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

Donald “Duck” Long’s pair of radial-tire extravaganzas – Lights Out and No Mercy – aren’t generally known for big tire action, but in Outlaw 632, slicks are allowed. They don’t always play well with the super-sticky radial prepped track surface, though, as evidenced in this clip from No Mercy 7.

NitroArt Video caught this clean Pro Stock Truck style S-10 laying down some fresh rubber burning out across the starting line. But even with some nice hot tracks laid down, the pass ends rather abruptly for the clean red pickup, as just a moment after launching, it took a quick right turn into the retaining wall. Luckily, being so early into the run, the truck hadn’t gained too much speed and it appeared the damage was mostly confined to the fiberglass nose. The truck’s crew members run to check on their driver, who was not injured in the mishap, so they pull the damaged front end off and hook up the four-wheeler to tow the truck back to the South Georgia Motorsports Park pit area.

With what appeared to be pretty minor damage, hopefully the sleek Chevrolet was back on the track quickly!