Collection of Bulletproof Cars Put to the Ultimate Test

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Bulletproof cars definitely offer up something that’s pretty appealing. I mean, how cool would it be, even if it’s unreasonable, to roll around in a machine that couldn’t be pierced by ammunition? As it turns out, these types of machines end up being pretty expensive. Therefore, they’re usually enjoyed by only the people who have the biggest risk of ending up in such a situation.

Now, with these bulletproof rigs, how could we possibly prove that a round won’t penetrate them? Well, the answer to that is probably some complex equation. However, the testing doesn’t stop there. After all, these companies want to make sure that their products are actually as good as they say they are. Furthermore, actually shooting at the cars has to be good for the marketing team, as well. What better way to convince somebody that they need this thing than to show them just how powerful the armor is?

This time, we check out a compilation of clips that shows us a variety of different companies’ armored car products in action. Hopefully, there will be a day where rides like this aren’t necessary. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t look like that day is anywhere in sight. Until then, these beasts of machines will be sure to protect those within.

By following along with the video below, we get a rather intense collection of cars that might be added to your wishlist. Included are a variety of vehicles to serve all sorts of clients. We even see the likes of a luxury Rolls-Royce given the armored treatment!

Personally, we can watch these bad boys getting shot at all day long! Even if they never get used, there’s something about that capability that just gives us a chill. Which one of these bad boys would you most want to be seen in?