Container Ship Snaps in Half in Stormy Waters

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

We have seen situations where ships of all shapes and sizes attack water conditions that aren’t necessarily the most comforting and calming in the world.

Generally, though, even as giant waves crash over the bow of the ship, the boats retain their integrity and somehow manage to stay afloat in the wild and wicked seas.

When a jetty made of rocks is introduced into the equation, however, this boat doesn’t seem to fair quite as well with staying together and it’s nothing short of a terrifying real life story.

Check out the video below as the boat is banged against the rocks, again and again. This had to be the worst feeling in the world for the crew on board.

All 12 of the Spanish crew members were able to be airlifted to safety, though, moments before the ship was obliterated in the water south of France.