Cool cops compilation - Not all cops are mean

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

When policing, there is a fine line between doing your job and being overly aggressive and strict. While we do understand that some police officers just want to get down to business, we can certainly appreciate the others who take their time to make sure that the community is able to operate without micromanagement and over enforcement of the law.

In this compilation video, we take a look at some police officers who are out and about in the community using their best judgement to give people breaks where they think that the civilians deserve it.

Sure, there are times where the police need to crack down, but that isn’t necessarily on every single traffic stop and noise violation that they encounter.

Check out the “Cool Cops” compilation below and tell us what you think of these scenarios where the police officers give folks a little bit of a break and show their human side during these encounters.