Crazy Road Rage - Concrete Truck Driver Dishing it Out!!!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

The dashcam is one handy little instrument when it comes to capturing the moment, especially when you’re not ready for said moment to unfold.

Quite commonly, you’re not ready for road rage to happen around you, but it just does. This time, a dashcam was on location to watch it all go down.

Apparently, one of the drivers in traffic wasn’t too happy with something that the guy driving the cement truck, pictured here, was doing, so he approached the driver to confront him.

Now, a confrontation in traffic is never a good idea, but apparently, this guy picked the wrong one as he approached the truck and was greeted with a boot to the teeth!

Check out the video below as this all happens so fast that it almost looks like the guy has no idea what to do! Looks like he’ll be avoiding this kind of situation in the future.