Daddy Dave Doing Work at SGMP For Lights Out 9!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

It’s been a few weeks since Duck X Productions’ Lights Out 9 kicked of the 2018 season at South Georgia Motorsports Park, but there’s still a massive pile of footage that we’re going to continue to dig through and find the best stuff to share with you guys. One of the highlights of the event was the Wild West-style No Time Shootout featuring some of the baddest hotrods on the property, including one very familiar Chevy II.

Daddy Dave’s ProCharged Deuce known as Goliath made another appearance on small tires with a new powerplant between the fenders and one of the largest units ProCharger makes cramming the ProLine 481X full of air. All of that serves to motivate the steel-bodied Nova down the track in impressive fashion. In fact, in a class stacked with pro mod-style chassis, Dave managed to insert himself in to the thick of the competition despite a lack of rules that would have leveled the playing field against the lighter and more aerodynamic cars, like the Firebird seen in the other lane in the video below.

That car, known as the Warbird, is a nitrous-injected hotrod that is certainly no slouch in the No Time world, so Dave knew it would take a picture-perfect run if he was to have a chance, and even then, it may not be enough. Ans as it turns out, the stellar looking run he made did still come up a bit short, although you can clearly see Goliath gave the Warbird all it wanted for the full 660’ pass.

It’s races like this, and the variety of cars and combinations that make no time shootouts some of the most popular forms of racing right now, with events adding them to their calendar all the time. We’ll be looking for more footage from the No Time Shootout at Lights Out and other events too to bring to you guys!