Daddy Dave in Goliath 2.0 vs Chuck Seitsinger in Firebird at American Outlaws Live

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Normally, when we see Chuck Seitsinger behind the wheel of a racing machine, it is his Death Trap Ford Mustang ripping down the eighth mile with an absolute vengeance as he drives the wheels off of the car.

This time, however, Chuck hops behind the wheel of something a little bit different in a Pontiac Firebird when he attempts to take a shot at Daddy Dave who is wheeling none other than Goliath 2.0 at American Outlaws Live.

The race is on for the finish line as Dave appears to get out of the hole strong to get a stout advantage over the opposition. Would he be able to hold onto that advantage throughout the rest of the race? Check out the video below and see how it went for yourself.